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To all cultures that are not black, brown, from African descent or allies, please understand that our company or our community is not here to hate or destroy other cultures but EMPOWER, UPLIFT, AND INSPIRE our community. We as black/brown/African people are not allowing other cultures to destroy, discriminate, hate, or act racists towards us in the community. Black/Brown people in America have been forced to act, believe, and handle ourselves in order to progress in the United States, however, during these times we have been manipulated to forget our history. We are only asking for your respect and support as we unite as one culture. Everyone's viewpoint is definitely going to be different but yet having respect and an open mind to understand is key. Always remember to listen to understand rather than listen to respond. If anyone has targeted you in any form of fashion such as being called a racist, then understand the reasons behind it and if you can't, ask the person for clarity. Was it because of something you said or did that made to be in a derogatory manner to another person? Approaching situations from a wanting to know or learn perspective, helps for a better and open conversation. Again, we are not here to hate or destroy other cultures but EMPOWER, UPLIFT, AND INSPIRE our community. 

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