History has shown that the "Black/Brown/African" (further identified on this site as "Our People" or any reference to "Our/Us") lives, work, presence, and businesses are not cherished by other cultures. Our people have been and still being treated unfairly, gunned down, given max penalty/charges, called racial slurs, missed opportunities, rejected, belittled - the list could go on and on. We've learned that only some cultures/people (identified as "allies") would understand and begin to respect our community, but others who choose to not listen or understand, continue their striking behavior. That's why we created The Four Elements.


The Four Elements was created to give our people and allies, the opportunity to change their lives for the better, by uniting as one community. We support our businesses and utilize our platform to educate, uplift, and build our brothers and sisters. 

The Four Elements was founded on FOUR elements;  Science/Life, Architecture, Technology, and Earth.

"Our mission is to help our people achieve success in the world." By offering FOUR divisional elements we will, in turn, enhance Technology, improve mother Earth, evolve in Life/Science and create new forms of Architecture for men, women, and children.

Our company is not here to hate or destroy other cultures but to educate the population on the importance of our community and their lives and accomplishments within..


Lamar Johnson Jr.

Founder & CEO

Lamar is the Founder and CEO of The Four Elements. Lamar envisioned a world of unity for all people to come together and advance as one, however, he knew he would be ignoring the major problem at hand and that's the importance of our lives as Black/Brown/African people. From being socially targeted, witnessing the unfair treatment of our men and women on social media, in the corporate world, and even at other businesses, he realized that our people must unite and build grounds for success as one. "Having a strong supportive community helps us accomplish our mission". Lamar supports all cultures but wishes other cultures would appreciate the lives of our people and our cultures fairly in the world. "Until we recognize and fix the unjust treatment to our people, we will always be separated."